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TNB excels in the development and progress of the country, presence benefits the rakyat


FOR over seven decades of its existence , Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s (TNB)crucial role  in driving the progress and development of Malaysia by providing electricity facilities on par with other developed countries deserves to be appreciated by all parties.


Since its inception in 1949, TNB has been sharing its good returns with Malaysians, making their lives better and brighter.




An entrepreneur, Muhammad Adam Zawawi, 28, said his three chicken rice restaurants in Terengganu have been large consumers of electricity, due mainly to the need to store frozen raw materials.


"My restaurant also provides air-conditioned dining facilities for all our customers so that they can dine more comfortably.


"Although every month, the electricity bill at the three branches of this restaurant reaches thousands of ringgit, I must admit that the tariff charged is still one of the lowest in the region.


"As far as I can remember, since taking over from my father who has been in this business for almost 30 years, I can hardly recall the number of times there have been power outages.


Muhammad Adam Zawawi


"For sure, as a Malaysian and as an entrepreneur, I am proud of TNB's efficiency in achieving such impressive success so far, not to mention that many of the profits are also channeled to the needy," he said when contacted by today.


TNB, formerly known as the Central Electricity Board (CEB), has gone through various challenges and transformations to become a major player in the electricity supply industry in the country over the years.


Among them, the rebranding of CEB as Lembaga Letrik Negara (LLN) in 1965, followed by privatization in 1990 and then incorporation in 1992 which until now continues to offer excellent services to Malaysians.


A private employee, Kammizah Kamaruddin, 45, said she was interested in TNB's initiative in implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the poor and less fortunate.


"As far as I remember, TNB has a special program known as 'Baiti Jannati' to help the poor, single mothers, chronic patients and the poor to have their own homes that are more comfortable and perfect.


"This program is very good because TNB has financed the construction, repair or purchase of houses for those in need since 2007.


"In fact, even in my village, in Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan and my husband's village in Kampung Gajah, Perak, there are some residents who receive benefits from the program.


Kammizah Kamaruddin


"I hope this program can be continued more widely in the future in line with the government's recommendations so that government-related companies (GLCs) help repair or build houses for the needy so that they can live a more comfortable life like other people," he said.


In similar note a student, Farish Amsyar Mohamad Azizan, 19 who admires TNB's efforts in empowering the field of education in this country through giving scholarships to excellent students and establishing the Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten).


Farish Amsyar Mohamad Azizan


"This effort is important and reflects TNB's commitment to produce more highly skilled and semi-skilled workforce to meet the rapid development of the industrial revolution which is increasingly challenging nowadays.


"I'm sure, all teenagers would aspire to be part of TNB citizens one day because it is a very prestigious GLC company and famous in the eyes of the world.


"Furthermore, TNB now wants to explore more space for renewable energy and green technology to remain environmental-friendly and sustainable.


"This effort should be emulated by more GLCs in the country so that GLCs existence really benefits and brings prosperity to people from all walks of life," he said, who is currently continuing his studies at Port Dickson Polytechnic, Negeri Sembilan. –