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Macao's tycoon Wan Kuok Koi is the new chairman of Inix Technology

From left Tan Choon Hwa, Wan Kuok Koi and Lee Han Keat, the trio who are now in-charged of Inix Technology Berhad.


KUALA LUMPUR 8 August - Macau's tycoon, Wan Kuok Koi was announced as the chairman of Inix Technology Bhd along with his two local represtantatives.

The two are Datuk Tan Choon Hwa and Lee Han Keat, both who are well-known and highly connected entrepreneurs in the corporate world.

Inix issued a statement to Bursa Malaysia announcing the appointment of Wan as its new chairman, Tan as vice chairman and Lee as executive director.

The trios are highly optimistic of turning the company around and improve business prospects in the near future.

Wan's move to take charge of Inix is to deploy his rubber glove business in Malaysia, while assisting the fight against COVID-19 pandemic worldwide.

Wan reportedly is an affluent businessman in Macau.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post on July 17, 2018, when the initial coin offering (ICO) related to Wan was issued in Southeast Asia, it set a historic record of raising US$750 million in just five minutes.

This showed that Wan had a huge influence in the business world, and the plan he promoted had won the support of many investors.

Wan is engaged in entertainment-related businesses in Macau. He is the owner of Macau National Ying VIP Club and National Ying Entertainment Co Ltd. He is also enthusiastic about charity activities in Macau.

                                                                          WAN KUOK KOI

He founded the Chinese Culture Zhi Gong Charity Foundation, and served as the founding chairman. He is also the president of the World Hongmen Historical and Cultural Association. He is regarded as a Macau capitalist, a patriotic businessman and a philanthropist.

He is no stranger to Malaysia because he is the founding president of the Macau-Malaysia Cultural and Economic Chamber of Commerce.

The local Chinese newspaper China News reported on October 10 last year that Wan had led investment delegations from Cambodia and Hong Kong to Malaysia. 

At that time, Wan and investment delegations from Cambodia, Hong Kong and other countries arrived in Malaysia on October 6, 2019 for a four-day business trip.

According to reports, during his visit to Malaysia, he received warm hospitality from local businessmen.

For example, Tan Sri Liu Tian Cheng, executive chairman of Tian Cheng Holding Group, hosted a banquet at the Cuiheng Banquet Hall.

Local attendees included the founder of Perfect Group Tan Sri Gu Runjin, director Datuk Chen Zhi Yong and Malaysian One Belt One Road committee chairman Datuk Seri Cai Bao Qiang. -