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Stop discriminating the disable – More respect Please!


"Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically.” – Stephen Hawking


In this universe, there are wonder of creations where there are normal and disable person living on earth.  Nevertheless, all human is the same, nobody is perfect thus, disable person should not be left out nor isolated or being ignored and mistreated as second class due to their different on physical appearance. 


Generally; disable can be defined as a condition or function thought to be significantly or being labelled as impaired in contrast to the normal ordinary person born in the society.  


Hence, they are classified as lacking of body functions or sensory such as sensory impairment, physical impairment, intellectual impairment, cognitive impairment, mental disability, and others.  


It brought to low self-esteem and ridicule as some people tend to stereotype, showing dislike, alienate by bullying, mocking, teasing or simply look down to this people.


It is devastating fact and tearful to see some of these special people are being laughed by putting negative and insulting remarks such as bunch of hopeless individuals and being outcast in the society.  


Well folks, deep in their heart lies courage, strong spirit, and they shine beyond their limit incomparable to non-disabled.  Being handicapped or having shortcomings in an individual’s body is not an excuse or barrier to live with pride and joy, having successful career and pull off to the fullest like other normal human beings. 


For that matter, we must always respect and learn to be grateful for what we have, always believe in yourself, have sense of dignity, practice positive values, optimistic mind by showing capability and achieve your dreams.


Nowadays, history tells and seeing is believing as we can see many disabled people do have extraordinary talents not only managed to carve success, victory results but also contribute to the society, knowledge, invention, technologies, and global economy. 


As the saying goes, still water runs deep so is “disability is not inability’’ people as it had been proven that these special are worthy able to contribute with their unique gifts and create marvels in the eyes of the world. 


Learn to live with the impairment, know your capability and Strike for Success

They are survivors, being independent, struggle for self-improvement, fighter with blood and tears battling the challenges to be excellent and at the same level with normal person. 


Just to name several people born with impairment despite their imperfections they are inspiring prominent, outstanding and role model all over the world such as the genius scientist, physicists, exemplary researcher Stephen Hawking with his knowledge power and invention of science, Ralph Braun the founder of Braun corporation with his brilliant vision by producing wheelchair accessible vehicles giving the ultimate change freedom, mobility, and accessibility to the disable person. 


Ralph Braun
Ralph Braun


Not forgetting the successful legendary blind song writer, musician Stevie Wonder with his contribution to the entertainment, Nick Vujicic a celebrity motivator, writer, activists, founder of Life without Limbs that operates organisation that supports disability people. 


Aaron Fotheringham a well-known astounding skater and specialised on Wheelchair skating and the Olympians Tanni Grey Thompson for her massive championships in the arena of sport league. 


Needless to say, some disable people thrive well in political, economy, advocates and analysts. 


Something to muse, with these colourful achievements clearly explains that anyone be it normal or disable are capable of doing by bringing good influence, boosting our motivational thought, emotional feelings and energy to strive for endeavour. 


Indeed, the key of success is just by exploring; knowing your potential, love what you are doing and learning to do till succeed.  It creates immense transformational from nobody to somebody.  Nothing is beyond reachable.


Equal rights in providing education, social support, employment, and proper facilities

Something to ponder, Malaysians do you still remember the horrifying case of Bella the Syndrome Down teenager whom being abused cruelly by the founder of Rumah Bonda.  In fact, this shows that disable people should be treated equally and respected by the normal people.


Now, these unacceptable conducts should be stopped as they are human beings that have feelings, human rights, and sense of belongings.  Malaysian should have moral judgements and humanity by practicing virtues respect and aiding the disable people.  This is in line with supporting the Malaysian Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) SDGs 10, reducing inequalities in the society and SDG’s 3 preserving the Good Health and Well-Being sufficiently.


Remarkably, this special people prove that in spite of their health disability, there is no way out instead move forward by instilling self-empowerment through huge efforts sacrifices and goals in order to flourish triumphantly.  This is because the bias and prejudice mind of some people by neglecting in giving equal opportunities on providing equal care, better support in education, best facilities, health care and job employment for them should be curbed. 


This is an efforts in supporting SDGs that had been propagated which are SDG’s 4 inculcating Quality Education


Moreover, normal people should open their mind by giving advisory, proper care, concerned, social integrative support by enhancing benefits for the disable, prolonging their social assistance and chances for being employed in job sectors. 


Believing their ability that they too can contribute in building the progress on political, social, or economy landscapes for the nation. Hence, it is also adhering to the concept of Malaysia MADANI, respect, trust, and compassion.


Fostering civic awareness, tolerance, and acceptance of disability in society

The International Day of Disabled Persons (IDDP) was commemorated in countries globally on 3 December for every year.  It first started on1992, IDDP was proclaimed through United Nations General Assembly Resolution 47/3. 


Initially, IDDP aims to increase public awareness, tolerance, promotes better understanding, social rights, and acceptance of people with disability. In addition,  this important event aimed to give huge appreciation and recognition by celebrating their achievements and contributions towards the progress for human kind and development. 


Significantly, this amazing crucial moves and hope through the initiatives and involvement by non-disable people in community will not only foster a healthy society but also shape quality social, culture, peaceful, serenity environment and public decorum for the impairment people. 


There should be an inclusion legal of rights or act protecting people with disability in Federal Constitution of Malaysia so that these special people are not discriminated, treated well, and respected in cultivating harmony, fairness, tolerance and equitable inclusion as citizens.


Malaysian disable people making vast contributions from zero to hero

Behold Malaysian, we do remember the vast contributions of our Paralympic athletes for making Malaysian proud by giving valued performances in Tokyo Paralympic 2020 though in the amidst of pandemic. 


No doubt but this is true as they nailed it showing to the world that being disable is not a hurdle but a hardship to strive, live and tell by projecting confidence, positivity, will-power, motivated spirit to execute their priceless obligations in the sports arena.  



Bonnie Bunyau Gustin


Abdul Latif Romly, Bonnie Bunyau Gustin, Jong Yee Khie, Chew Wei Lun, Cheah Liek Hou and others are the national gems and heroes that should be acknowledged with honour for their enormous patriotic deeds in Paralympic 2020 for the country.   


Profoundly personality, the extensive chains of 99 Speedmart founder is a disabled wheelchair person, Lee Thiam Wah who made it against the barricades. 


Splendidly, his 99 Speedmart flourished abundantly as it comprised of more than 1000 outlets all over Malaysia and three stores in Singapore.  He who is known as the magnificent King of Mini Marts is a very dedicated entrepreneur successfully build his empire with his diligence, perseverance traits through his own hard-earned savings in making his dream come true.  


It is an inspiring to us Malaysian proving nothing is impossible in chasing your dreams and it goes with the saying hard work and determination counts.  As a matter of fact, being disable is not an excuse and never be a barrier to reach the peak of success in life. 


Gazing to the stories, we recall the famous quote stated by the late President John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country.” (JFK,1961)


Wake up call for Malaysian; learn to accept, appreciate the disable in your circle

Finally, society should have social mores by showing concern, compassionate, holistic support and cultivate unconditional love and care as living with disability does not make you less of a person.  Consequently, we should be conscientious by having empathy, tolerance, giving equal treatment, lending a helping hand instead of avoiding or excluding them out from the society.


Malaysian people, do your part by accepting this special people for who they are by showing equal respect, have a sense of encouragement and support by inculcating humanity values to curb discrimination, misconceptions and eradicate social stigma on disable person. 


Imperatively, the mind perception has to be change for right-minded in fact “change begins with you,” with us, as individuals, families, society and community. 


Remember learn to live with honour as true sensible Malaysian is built with good vibes, civilized, compassionate and humility. -


Norazlinda Hj Mohammad is a Senior lecturer of Communication & Media Studies KPPIM, UiTM Melaka Branch